10+ Homemade Fish Tank Decoration Ideas – DIY


Nothing can be better than creating a natural-looking aquarium without bearing huge expenses.

We have come up with some of the amazing ideas that will help you decorate the home of your fishes while keeping your pocket and pet happy.

Brightly colored, light-up decorations available in pet stores affect the natural habitat of fishes.

Plus, they’ll take a toll on your savings. This article will help you in making finest arrangement at low cost.

Before proceeding with homemade fish tank decoration ideas, have a look at important considerations for safe aquarium décor-

  • Make sure the stuff you put in your aquarium does not affect the water negatively. Refrain using things that are painted or include toxic elements of any kind.
  • Test the decorative stuff before adding it to aquarium décor. Place it in warm water in order to determine its reaction with water. Do not use if it rusts, flakes, or changes the water parameters.
  • Clean the décor item properly in order to remove any kind of contaminants.

Now let’s know about some cool freshwater aquarium decoration ideas.

Too many things may come to your mind when thinking about aquarium décor including plastic plants, brightly colored rocks, pebbles, and others. With so many choices in the list, it can be daunting to find the right options that can altogether prove out to be a perfect fit.

Creating a stunning aquarium is easy, but adding a unique factor to it makes the job difficult. We have you sorted. Here are some great ideas that may come to your rescue.

10+ Homemade Fish Tank Decoration Ideas

1. Add river stones

Adding colored rocks will cost you nothing. Okay, a little cost may be.

Avoid the ones with the tendency of changing the pH of water in an undesired way.

Conduct a small test by adding few rocks in a bucket filled with tank water.

Check whether the pH level of water changes or not. Conduct this test for several days for assured results.

Go for river stones.

They are a good choice for homemade fish tank decorations ideas because of their smooth shape.

Moreover, they are free from all the toxins that leach out otherwise from the rocks.

Don’t use rocks made of compacted clay and mud.

They might make the aquarium water murky. Sterilize the rocks before adding them to the tank.

2. Use flower or cement/clay pots

You may place a big sized pot at the aquarium’s bottom, towards the front.

Consider scattering the pots in small size.

This arrangement will give an interesting look to your fish aquarium.

Don’t limit your choices!!

There is a wide range of varieties out there with different sizes, colors, and shapes.

Make sure you scrub them before placing inside the tank.

Don’t go for the ones with sharp edges and drainage holes.

This is for the safety of your fishes. Either the holes should be large enough or better seal them off.

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3. Customised Ceramic Mugs

If it’s your office aquarium then you may consider adding a mug featuring the logo of your business.

This is also one of the best ideas for branding your services/products.

Plus, adding something unique like this to your tank will enhance its overall value.

Choose a customized funky mug for the home aquarium.

Though using more than one mug in the décor is wise, but don’t overdo.

4. Add a touch of nature with natural aquatic plants

Aquarium plants come at a cheaper price.

Moreover, they are easily available.

You can either find them at a local aquarium shop or get free cuttings from the local fish keepers.

When it comes to DIY aquarium decorations, adding plants like java fern or java moss top the list.

It is easy to grow them. Consider something extraordinary like creating an underwater jungle ecosystem.

You can make effective use of algae that grow over the pot’s surface over time.

Make it look like a naturalized setting.

Another idea is to root aquatic ferns and mosses and make them cover the pot slowly.

5. Get some cool stuff of plastic toys

How about having some farm animals or cute dinosaurs hanging out with your water pets?

Sounds interesting, right?

You can even add sand toys in the tank.

The next best idea is to create Star Wars Jedi battle underwater.

Create something over the top.

Adding a fun factor to the fish tank isn’t a bad idea unless it is completely safe for pets.

There are endless possibilities with plastic toys. Just let your imagination fly high.

6. Print pictures for the aquarium’s outer space

Putting decorative stuff inside the aquarium isn’t the only way to add interest to it.

You may consider placing a large printed picture towards the backside of your fish tank.

It can be a print of a beautiful reef or some underwater sea scene.

How about making your fishes swim in a starry forest?

A beach picture will be perfect for creating serene aquarium ecosystem.

Some double-sided tape and a cool poster will be enough to bring about a huge transformation to your aquarium.

This one is indeed one of the best homemade fish tank decoration ideas.

7. Colorful ceramic figurines

Place a beautiful ceramic figurine into the fish tank.

This idea is perfect for the ones looking forward to changing the mood of their aquarium.

Find something modern and colorful to enrich the décor with some fun element.

To create a serious vibe, you may choose something classy.

Adding something outrageous is perfect for creating a unique aquarium environment.

Just define your preferences for a real aquarium decoration deal.

8. Elaborate displays using Lego and Toy Blocks

Don’t invest in the simple toys.

Try something out of the box. Build elaborate lego displays or go for toy blocks.

There are a number of possibilities with the two.

You may create deep-sea explorer, an underwater palace, or just anything you like.

For over the top homemade fish tank decoration ideas, consider creating a deep-sea ecosystem or building an underwater ferry.

9. Create a charm with Vinyl Stickers

This is one of the best of ways of dressing up the outer side of your fish tank.

This fun idea will give you unlimited choices.

You may either place the stickers towards the sides or around the tank’s front edges.

It will not only lay a cool effect but also make your aquarium super attractive.

Vinyl stickers featuring stars or polka dots are also considerable.

You may even build any of your favorite scenes from a video game, movie, book, or anything else.

10. Add a feel of festivity to the fish tank with Holiday Decor

Holidays around? Don’t forget to add a decorative theme to your aquarium.

There are limitless things that can be used for adding festivity element to your fish tank.

If it’s Halloween, consider adding some skeletons and skulls or include some scary spiders in your homemade fish tank decoration ideas as well.

A Lego feast is perfect for adding a colorful backdrop to your fish home.

Similarly, there are endless possibilities for other festivals.

11. Showcase your imagination using a marker

This is one of the easiest aquarium decoration ideas cheap.

You just need a permanent marker and let your imagination flow.

Draw some cartoonish sea charm or anything else of your choice.

The best thing about this idea is that you can directly draw anything on the aquarium’s surface.

Doodle a little house, create a fisherman or draw a private island.

Just make sure to use a safe aquarium cleaner for removing the designs.

You may change the scene anytime to create a new charm.

12. Add picture frames

If you have been looking for an easy yet classy way of drawing attention to your fish tank then place your bet on this idea.

Look for a picture frame that matches with the existing décor of your aquarium.

Go for a simple picture one.

A designer piece might create excessive drama to the look.

Picture frames are a perfect choice, especially for small tanks.

Avoid using heavy frames as it could damage the tank and make it unstable.

If you own a small tabletop fish tank then invest in a frame that can cover its front edges.

You may also consider using picture-hanging strips. They can be attached to the aquarium.

This will add a personalized touch to your fish tank.

Whether you go with a simple frame or a funky one, make sure the arrangement isn’t troublesome for your fishes.

The Concluding Word

By now you must have known a number of ideas of homemade fish tank decoration ideas efficiently at a cheap price.

Be sure whatever item you add to the tank are scrubbed and dechlorinated before they are brought into use.

This is important for the safety of your fishes.

If you are using clay pots, you can fill them with aquatic plants available at the local store.

You may also create a fish cave for your pets.

Overall, there are endless homemade fish tank decoration ideas for you to implement.

Be sure whatever you choose should be attractive but safe at the same time.

Use your creativity in the best manner possible.

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